Ponderosa Pointing Labs – Who Are We?

Ponderosa Pointing Labs is located in the ponderosa-clad mountains of northern New Mexico. Run by a retired schoolteacher and an engineer, we give meticulous attention to detail in the care of our labs.  We believe the quality of your dog is affected about 50% by pedigree, and50% by the quality of care the pup receives, including diet, health care, and socialization/training. With a pup from Ponderosa, you can be assured of quality in both areas.

Our fox red American field lab puppies are raised in a home and family environment with much love and attention. They are exposed to all of the normal household noises.  Our pups are very popular and receive visitors of all ages for playtime (in addition to our family) everyday.  Transition to your home will be less stressful for these well-socialized pups. In addition, our pups have the opportunity to develop their athleticism during in the forests and canyons that adjoin our property, where they have been exposed to snow, water, and various other surfaces.

We first started breeding in 1976, and breed only rarely when we find a pair with characteristics worth passing on to improve the versatile Labrador breed.  Ponderosa Pointing Labs are carefully selected to breed for temperament, health, and hunting ability. Please visit our sire and dam page to learn more about the quality characteristics that go into a Ponderosa pup.  With a pup purchased from Ponderosa, you can be sure of receiving a healthy, happy pup from a breeder of integrity.

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